Multi-Functioning Fish Gripper and Pliers Combo

Pliers and Fish Gripper COMBO

With this Fish Gripper and Pliers Set, you no longer have to struggle to get your hooks out of the fish's mouth. And EVEN BETTER - you no longer have to worry about hurting the fish that you catch. This Fish Gripper and Pliers Set is a staple in every fisherman's tackle box and because you are buying them in a combo set, you're getting an even better value!


  • Ability to remove hooks and fishing weights
  • Pliers double as scissors in case you need to cut your line
  • Extremely sharp and pointed design
  • Anti-skid design with ergonomic sponge-grip technology for comfortable use
  • Highly responsive trigger handle to quickly release fish without causing pain
  • Loop at base of fish gripper provides option to carry on your wrist or bag

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