3D Topwater Duck

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Ducklings are a favorite meal of game fish, and the Savage Gear® 3D Suicide Duck proves to be just as irresistible as the real thing. The movement of the lure and lifelike features based on the 3D scan of a duck consistently show why it was the winner of the 2018 iCast Hard Bait category. Imitating a fleeing duckling by using its spinning feet to throw water in all directions, the Suicide Duck catches the eye of predators near and far.

Advanced 3D Technology

A super realistic Duckling top water imitation lure loaded with innovative features. The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most predatory fish and ensure you brutal topwater attacks.

Top Water Action

The spinning feet give the lure an incredible lively, and splashing action, leaving a great bubble trail and wake calling in the predator fish from distance.

Durable hard ABS body

This innovative topwater bait perfectly emulates a vulnerable duckling, with its durable hard ABS body and ultra-realistic 3D Scanned finish.

Calling In Large Fish

Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish. It is said that a great top water strike, counts for 10 regular hits – tie on the Suicide Duck and find out.


  • Winner of the 2016 iCast Hard Bait Category
  • Body and lifelike features based on a 3D scan of an actual duck
  • Spinning feet throw water in all directions to attract the attention of fish up close and at far distances
  • Top and bottom hook configurations allow swimbait to be customized for any fishing situation
  • Offered in multiple proven fish catching colors
  • Ideal for targeting bass, pike, and muskie that feed on baby ducklings in the springtime


Model: D-110
  • Length: 4 1/4 in.
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Buoyancy: Floating